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I am passionate about technology use in education on all levels. I want to help teachers create exciting and engaging lessons for all learners. I can also help you add technology to support or modify great lessons you already have! Please let me know if you have any questions or I can support you in any way. 

About Me

My Background

I have been an educator in Santa Rosa City Schools for 30 years. I am currently a districtwide Technology Integration TOSA for SRCS. I am also an instructor for North Coast School of Education and a Google Certified Trainer and Educator. I am available to work with your staff, department or one-one. I can assist with classroom technology, Illuminate, Goggle apps, and more!

My Experience

In my 27 years as an educator, I have taught not only students, but also veteran teachers. I have had the opportunity to be the master teacher for multiple student teachers and a mentor teacher. I have presented in large group settings at technology and science conferences, and small group settings across Santa Rosa City Schools. The chance to have a positive impact on teachers on a broader scale is irresistible. 

About Me

When I'm not working with teachers, I enjoy hiking with my family and dogs, My favorite weekend activity is enjoying the outdoors with my husband and two kids. My family works with Canine Companions for Independence as part of their puppy program to raise dogs for the disabled. The puppies we have raised change the lives of the people that receive them. 

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I understand that each person's learning needs are unique to them. Tell me more about what you're looking for, and I will get back to you soon with some ideas.

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